How-To “Wash” Your Big Stroller in 9 Easy Steps

With summer officially being at its end (even though the temps say otherwise), I’ve decided it’s time to clean our big stroller. When I say “big stroller”, I’m referring to the one that came with our travel system. We won’t use it much, if any this fall/winter and the thing needs a deep cleanse!

We used this particular stroller A LOT this past spring and summer. We took it to tball games, family cookouts, outings, parades and well…you get the point. We used it a lot and it showed! I never spot cleaned or attempted to get stains out of it. I wiped down the parts that could be, you know, the plastic parts. I just couldn’t justify cleaning it…and then cleaning it about 10 more times that season. Not to mention…I had no clue how to clean a stroller!

Who washes their stroller? I’ve never known anyone who did. Heck, to be honest…I’ve never knew anyone who’d ever really taken care of their stroller or even used it passed the first year of their baby’s life.

In 2015, when we had our second and current youngest baby, I found the Chicco Bravo Trio travel system. It was the #1 rated travel system and I had to have it! It was a little pricy, but I kindly asked my mom if that could be her gift to us, and (of course) she kindly said yes. I still love the ease of it and plan to use it when we have another baby…so I have to take care of it!

I took to pinterest and could only find one method (widely used), which involved submerging the stroller in your tub for hours. Um, no thank you! Momma ain’t got time for that. So, I created my own way and hoped it worked and here it is.

Now, I’m not the “crunchiest” mom and this isn’t the most chemical-free method, so bare with me.

What you’ll need:


  1. 1 bottle of Tuff Stuff
  2. A small bucket or bowl with hot water
  3. Dawn dish soap
  4. Baby bath wash*
  5. A scrubber
  6. Water hose with spray gun
  7. A couple of small towels
  8. Gloves*

We don’t have a garage, so I did this in my kitchen. I set down an extra shower liner that I had and that was my work space.

  • Step 1: Remove all fabric from stroller base. (If applicable) You can usually find a YouTube video on how to do this.
  • Step 2: Spray all fabric pieces with Tuff Stuff and let sit for about a minute.

  • Step 3: Dunk Scrubber in bucket or bowl of hot water with soap mixture (dawn+baby wash) and scrub vigorously, like scrub REALLY GOOD! Repeat on all fabric.

  • Step 4: Take fabric pieces outside and spray well with spray gun.

  • Step 5: Let hang dry.

  • Step 6: If you’re like me, your big stroller has been sitting around collecting dust for the last month. So Step 6 is Wipe down ENTIRE base (even basket) with a dry rag.

  • Step 7: Use scrubber and hot water (soap is optional for this part) and scrub all plastic parts, crevices and even the tires!


  • Step 8: Spray down with hose.

Step 9: Dry base with clean rag and put all the pieces back together!

Enjoy your clean, new-looking stroller! 😊

I chose not to put the fabric back on mine, so sorry, no picture.

I hope y’all enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know what you think in the comments below! If you liked this, follow and get tons more how-tos, like this in the future!



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