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10 Budget-Friendly Anniversary Gift Ideas

With our anniversary (2 years) coming up next week, I’ve been thinking about gifts. We don’t really do gifts. We have two kids and live on a single income. What extra money we do have to spare, we enjoy using it to eat out or do a little shopping.

When we do gift each other things, I tend to go with something I “need” and wouldn’t normally make money for or something I’ve been eyeing for quite a while. Hubby tends to go with something he can splurge on…ie: clothes, shoes, sports gear. Again, all things that don’t quite fit into our “regular budget”.

Below is a list of gifts that I’ve come up with and think are great for anniversaries  (or birthdays) and are actually budget friendly!

  1. A romantic night out. I’m all for “It’s the thought that counts”. If my husband lined up a baby sitter, planned a romantic night out to our favorite restaurant and something else we both enjoyed doing (like going for ice cream or going to the record store), I’d be happier than any pair of earrings could ever make me. This shouldn’t cost more than $80.
  2. Perfume of cologne. This is a win-win. Your spouse may be running out or wanting to try a new fragrance and you’ll get to smell that scent you love a little bit longer! 😘 Most bottles are no more that $65.
  3. A gift card to his or her favorite store. You can customize the price and they get to shop guilt-free.
  4. Tickets to a sporting event. If your S/O is into sports as much as mine is, they’ll be over the moon with this one! Tickets can be as low as $30 and the memory you create will be just as special as your gesture.
  5. A framed photo from your wedding. This one is such a simple gesture and won’t cost much at all. And if your other half is anything like me, they’ll be brought to tears and overflowing with emotion at this small gift with big meaning. Wrap it up nicely and personalize a note or card to go with it. Voila! Easy peasy.
  6. A gift basket. You can personalize this as much or as little as you want. Order one from your local flower shop or simply make your own. Pinterest has some great ideas on gift baskets for men and women.
  7. A date jar. Fill the jar with as many “date ideas” as you want. Use popsicle sticks or sticky notes of different colors to distinguish from “pricy” to “least pricy”ideas. Give the jar to your spouse with details. Such as: Date Jar – Pick one date a month for us to share this year. ❤ It’s a cute, fun idea and you can pay as you go, choosing an expensive date…or less so.
  8. Movie night in. Send the kids to grandma’s and let your partner know that you want is to spend some alone time together. Get a few of their favorite snacks, some adult beverages (age applicable) and enjoy your favorite…or a new movie in the comfort of your own home! Snacks and beverages includes, this should run your $25- $40.
  9. A seasonal gift. If your anniversary is in the fall, take them to a fun maze at night or a pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins to carve together. For winter anniversaries, go light seeing or to a Winter festival. Personalize the experience depending on what season yours falls in. These things usually don’t cost for entry, so you’ll only pay for what you buy inside.
  10. A class. Buy the two of you a painting class at one of those paint studios that offer a one-time thing (or longer if you’d like) and paint together. I’ve heard that they often offer wine & cheese. Have fun learning & creating something new together!

Feel free to use any or all of the ideas here. I’ll probably do one or the other. My hubby is so hard to buy for. I usually go with something sentimental. He doesn’t really “think outside the box”, so my little sentimental gifts are something he enjoys and I enjoy his more elaborate gifts! 😍

I can’t believe we’ve almost been married for 2 years now. I feel like our wedding was only last weekend, yet feel like we’ve lived our lives together for 30 years! We’ve built a family and home together and I couldn’t be more thankful. Gifts or no gifts, the “gift” of a marriage that’s constantly working to be better and grow together is everything I could ever want. We’re not perfect, but we’re perfect for each other.
Thanks for reading, y’all!

I appreciate each and every one of you! Feel free to share my blog with all of your friends/facebook buddies if you enjoy it! And, don’t forget to follow or email subscribe below so you get automatic updates.



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