Surprise, Surprise! & Then There Were Five…

Guess who got knocked up again!

Yup, that’s right! We’re pregnant!

We always knew we wanted another baby not too far in age from Kimbrynn. The age gap between Karsynn and Kimbrynn is just too big. Karsynn is far too mature to tolerate her baby sister’s shenanigans. We didn’t have much of a choice there though, since we only met when Karsynn turned  3.

Our OB told us we could start trying after 9 months . Your body takes 9 months to make a baby, let it have 9 months to get back to “normal”. 9 months came around and we weren’t ready, so we said we’d try when Kimbrynn turned 1. Well, April came around and we still weren’t sure we were ready. We agreed that September was our month and when August came around, we started trying. Well, it didn’t take long. We got a big ol positive test on August 31.

We couldn’t have been happier! We quickly set up an OB appointment and attended it on September 21. Everything looked good. It was too early to find a heartbeat, so we had to wait until the next appointment. I was nervous, but patiently waited.

My second OB appointment was on October 19. They did all the routine stuff, plus a chromosomal genetic blood test. I also got to hear our little bean’s quick heartbeat of 158 bpm. My heart was overjoyed and full of relief!

I got the call early this morning from the nurse, with our noninvasive test results. She said that the test was negative for abnormalities. Again, I exhaled with relief. Our baby is very healthy and thriving. 

I will be 13 weeks on Thursday. We’re still in the first trimester, but past some of the worry and caution. I am fully looking forward to this pregnancy, as it is our last.

People keep asking, “will you try again if it’s girl?”. No. We will not. We aren’t “trying” for a boy. We never were. We would be absolutely ecstatic to have a baby boy, but we will be happy with our 3 kids, even if they are all girls.

Up to this point, I’ve had so much morning sickness, per usual. I’m currently taking diclegis and it’s working pretty well for me. I do hope that it eases up some though, so that I’m able to eat a decent, well-balanced meal for once. Other than the MS , everything else has been smooth sailing so far.

Karsynn is very excited and has been since we told her. She says she hopes it’s  brother! Kimbrynn doesn’t know what’s going on. For now, she’s still the baby and will probably continue to be the center of attention. I just pray that all of our babies love each other and get along well. That’s every mother’s prayer, right?

Thank you all for following and reading. I plan to document as much of this pregnancy journey as possible. Feel free to check in with us here or over on instagram! I will also be sharing my tips and must-haves for surviving pregnancy!

Stay tuned! 📻

K❤ & Family.
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