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13 Things No One Told me About Pregnancy…

(Me, pregnant with Kimbrynn @ 4ish months.)

This is my third pregnancy, y’all! I should know “all there is to know” by now but I don’t! I was reading a pregnancy book yesterday and I was like “What?! I didn’t know that! Pregnancy is so amazing!” I was telling Derek that I was amazed at how much you can still learn, no matter how many babies you’ve had!

Now, I’m a researcher, guys & gals! Birth and pregnancy forums, dr.Google, other moms; you name it, I have asked my many many question to it/them! I like to be well informed and “in the loop” about things.

I was 16 when I first got pregnant. I didn’t know anything about pregnancy and no one told me anything about it either! Sure, I took health/sex-ed class but they don’t teach this stuff. I just kinda had to figure everything out as I went along. When I got pregnant with Kimbrynn (my second), I still discovered so many things I hadn’t known before!

(Me, pregnant & semi-clueless at 16, in a high school bathroom mirror 🙈)

Pregnancy can be a very joyful time but it can also be a very stressful time. If you don’t know much about what’s going on with your body, what to expect, or any other uncertainties, it can be nerve-wracking. So, I want to share with you, 11 of the things I really wish I would have known or been told about before getting pregnant. I’m not a dr., so this is NOT medical advice. This is however, the good, the gross and the weird. 

  1. MORNING SICKNESS is NOT limited to just the morning. It can strike at any time of the day! (And sometimes you just have to wait it out. There’s no cure-all.)
  2. Discharge is normal and you may have a lot of it. Unless it’s funky looking or smelly/itchy there’s no need to be alarmed. However, panty liners will be your best friend!
  3. “Eating for two” is not practical. You technically are eating for two, but you don’t need to eat too much more than you normally do. 300 extra calories are about all you need. You actually need more calories while breastfeeding and if you start your pregnancy overweight, you need even less or sometimes no extra calories at all.  
  4. Growing a human being is exhausting. Get your rest. You will feel drained a lot of the time. Staying active can help with this, though.
  5. Pregnancy insomnia is a real thing. Although you feel drained, you may be restless and unable to fall asleep. A pregnancy pillow (or benadryl😂) can help with this!
  6. Your bladder shrinks to the size of a dime (Not literally, but it feels this way)! Remember how you used to be able too hold it through a 5k or an entire trip to the mall? Yeah, no. FORGET about THAT life. It’s long gone. Here’s how your life will go: wake-up, pee. get dressed, pee. eat, pee. breathe, pee. walk, pee. sleep, pee, sleep, pee, pee, repeat. AND sometimes, you may even pee your pants just a little. It’s okay. You’re not alone. 😉
  7. Boobs. Didn’t have them before? Enjoy them now! You will have to buy bigger/ more supportive bras at some point. Already had a good rack? It’s only gonna get bigger! Good luck with the back pain.
  8. Pressure. I didn’t have much pressure with Karsynn, until the last trimester, but with Kimbynn and this pregnancy I’ve felt it from the beginning! So. Much . Pressure “down there”. When I get out of bed and walk, I feel 16 months pregnant! 😭
  9. BRAXTON HICKS…Aka…FALSE CONTRACTIONS! They start mid-second trimester. They feel like someone grabbed your belly from behind and are pulling it back tight! They usually don’t hurt, but can be really “alarming” to a first time mom….. like “why does my belly feel so tight?!” Lol
  10. Your water “breaking”, isn’t as dramatic as it seems. It can be a “big” gush of water, but it can also be trickles at a time.
  11. There are so many no-no foods and medications during pregnancy. Be sure to ask your doctor for a list or download a pregnancy app, such as ovia or baby center that have accessible lists of safe/non-safe food and meds.
  12. It’s okay to ask questions. Be curious. Find out what you want to know! A well-informed mama who constantly asks questions is better than a clueless one!
  13. Take everything you hear (stories from other moms) with a grain of salt! It’s good to have someone to talk/relate to, but no pregnancy is the same. Even in one mama, each experience is so different from the other. Just because someone had a horrible or great experience, doesn’t mean you will.

(Me @ 36 weeks…tired, having lots of pressure and running on very little sleep.)

Again, this is in no way medical advice or to be substituted for it. If you ever feel “off” about any symptoms, check with you OB or midwife!
Thank you all so much for reading and following! This blog really is growing just the way I would like it to! Y’all are so awesome!

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Stay tuned! I’ll be doing a “first trimester must-haves” really soon! 😉



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