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“Doing” Halloween in 2016…

When I was trick or treating, it was the mid 90s to early 2000s. My mom would drive us around, dropping us off so we could walk door to door, picking us up at the end of the block. She never seemed to concerned with that, other than us looking out for cars. I think everyone’s parents did this? Even if there was a toddler in the group, most times us older siblings would be the ones taking them by the hand to get candy.

I don’t think it was our parents being neglective. I just think they genuinely weren’t worried. I grew up in a small town, where every knew everyone and their business (good or bad). We knew who to “steer clear of” and who it was most likely okay to get in a car with. 

Some people say the dangers that we all worry about now have always been there, the news reports just weren’t at the tips of our fingers. While I find this to be true, I can’t help but wonder…what’s truly different? What makes us think that someone is more likely to snatched our kids up now, then back when we were younger? I mean, I don’t recall one time anyone ever tried to snatched me up…and I got lost a lot. I would lose my mom in walmart, the mall, all kinds of places!

Last night, we almost decided not to go door-to-door trick or treating. More and more parents are making this decision each year. I understand. Safety first. With fall festivals in place and trunk or treats on ever block, there’s no need to walk around your neighborhood anymore.
While we opted to attend a few fall festivals this weekend, yesterday we decided to do the door-to-door thing. I’m so glad we chose not to forgo this. It just didn’t seem “right” to not do it. I couldn’t deprive my children of that experience or my husband the memory we created.

This year was Kimbrynn’s first  year to really know what was going in. Purple bucket in hand, she ran behind her sister up to front doors, proudly holding it out for goodies. Each time she got some candy, she’d look in her bag and smile. What a treat that was for us as parents!

Me being pregnant and all, I quit early. I took the little one back to Derek’s aunt’s house (we were trick or treating in their neighborhood) and Derek took Karsynn to look for more candy. They were so excited. They walked about 1/2 a mile, only finding a handful of houses. Each house they went to didn’t expect many trick or treaters, so they filled her bag with as much as they could! 

While the safety of our children is always our main concern, letting them be little is a very close second. We know that things are so different now-a-days, but we really strive to give our kids as great of a childhood as we had. We have memories that make us laugh and feel so nostalgic. The greatness that was and is childhood will live on forever in our and the hearts and minds of our children.

We had a blast this Halloween 2016 and hope that everyone else did as well. There are ways to have safe fun and give our children great memories, without forgoing traditions. It’s something to think about! Everyone has their own way and no one way is the “right” way. That’s the beauty of it all. We can all agree to disagree and do life the way we believe best.
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One thought on ““Doing” Halloween in 2016…

  1. Glad you decided to carry on the tradition of real trick-or-treating! I was SO excited about getting to do this again. One of the great benefits of having kids is getting to do the stuff you loved as a kid all over again 🙂


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