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11 First Trimester “Must Haves”…

Hey, Y’all! So, I’ve been a little MIA lately. Truthfully, I’ve just been soaking up all the first trimester laziness! Pregnancy wears me out! I don’t know why, I mean, I’m only growing a human inside of my own human body! [Haha.]

You guys are so awesome, though! Whether you have subscribed or are just lurking around, the views I’ve received have been awesome! Thank you all so much for bearing with me. I’ve been trying to write this blog since last week, but I do it on my phone and every time I pick it up, I get distracted!

Anyhow, I have officially hit the highly anticipated SECOND TRIMESTER…YAY! I’m 15 weeks today, so last week was the official week. Nothing really changes for me during the second trimester , since my morning sickness stays through my entire pregnancy. I am fully looking forward to having an actual baby bump though! I’m also anticipating finally finding out the sex of our baby!

(Our first/NT ultrasound at 13 weeks.)
Okay, okay. About the first trimester now. Below is a list of 11 things that are a mix of standard first trimester needs and a few things that I just like to have, for ya’know know, comfort & convenience!

  • First things first, prenatal vitamins. I personally can’t handle the actual pills, so I take the gummies. The gummies don’t have iron, so you may want to take an extra iron tablet or ask your dr if just the gummy will suffice. You can find them at any drug store or online here.
  • Nausea &/or heartburn medicine! You can ask your dr for a prescription or for a list of safe OTC meds that can help you. I currently take diclegis, because my “morning” sickness is pretty unbearable! I haven’t really found anything that helps me with heartburn, but many women suggest Zantac, extra strength tums, and nexium.
  • Pain management: Extra strength tylenol is my go-to! With an ever expanding uterus and all the stretching going on, you’ll want something to take the edge off at times! For cramps, a heating pad on a low setting, for a short amount of time works wonders!
  • Snacks. Eating small, frequent meals or snacks rather than full meals can help with nausea & vomiting. Also, they’re just great to have on hand for your growing appetite that seems to never go away! Lol 😁 (Pretzels, crackers, cheese sticks, potato chips, fresh fruits/veggies are all good snack ideas.).
  • Stretchy pants. While you may not be showing yet, you’ll sure feel like you are! The bloat can be serious in the beginning! Your pants may start to feel a little tighter and may not button/zip. You may not need maternity wear just yet, but pants with a stretchy waist band can give you a little extra room. A hair tye through the loop of your button hole also extends your waist a little! If you want, you can always splurge for a belly band, too. 😉 Flows tops will also do you a favor!
  • Lotion & chaptick! I’m not sure if this is all women, but I get SO dry and itchy during pregnancy! I hate lotion, but I lather up like no one’s business, especially in my belly area! I also carry chapstick with me at all times and constantly put it on. My favorite (and really the only one that works for me) is lypsyl. It has a minty flavor and is a moisturizing!
  • Sports bras…or bigger sized bras (at least 2). Your ladies will thank you! The soreness is so real and the extra room will give them a little room to, uh, relax?…breathe? They’ll also be helpful when you start busting out of your regular bras, because that will happen.
  • Panty liners. With all the extra fluids your body is making, it’s very natural and common to have a more-than-normal (or excess) amount of discharge. The panty liners will help keep you fresher and your undies drier! Kotex “long” liners are my personal faves, because they are, well, long. lol Extra coverage always gives me peace of mind!
  • Sleep pills. Pregnancy insomnia is a very annoying, but real “symptom”. My dr suggested taking a benadryl for when I have trouble falling asleep. I have never looked back!
  • A pregnancy pillow. I personally do not own one of these. I just can’t make myself spend the money. Plus,co-sleeping with a toddler has not left us much room in our king sized bed (😭), so my hubby says NO way a huge pillow would fit. I do however, use extra pillows (either a body pillow or king size pillow will suffice.). Using a pregnancy pillow or extra pillows just gives you extra support where you need it and can help you get comfortable enough to fall and stay asleep.
  • A Water Bottle. It’s important to stay hydrated during pregnancy. Keeping a water bottle handy helps me a lot. Invest in a reusable one…or two. When you can’t keep anything down, water can help keep things at bay, too. You can usually find pretty cheap, but good ones at sporting good stores.

(*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I’m not in any way paid to promote any brands…yet! 😁)

    Thank you all again! I appreciate each and every view, read, like and follow/subscriber that I get! I hope y’all enjoyed the reads as much as I enjoy writing them for y’all! 

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