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Stocking Up For Baby

Hey Y’all! So, I am now 15 weeks pregnant, as of Thursday. I feel like this pregnancy is going by so fast! I feel like I’m farther along than I actually am though. I think it’s because I was pregnant with Kimbrynn around this time, only a month ahead. We found out what we were having with her the day before Thanksgiving. With this baby, we won’t find out until December 15!

I want to start shopping for this baby already! (Lol). I like to be prepared. If we’re having another little girl, we won’t need much, just the basics. If we are in fact having a tiny baby boy, we will need EVERYTHING. Either way, I like my babies to have their “own things” and would love to be able to buy a few little things for them.

I realized that even though I can’t go out and buy specific baby things for one gender or the other, I can buy basic baby items! Babies will always need diapers and wipes. While some people don’t like to buy these things ahead incase the baby reacts to a certain brand, I have had great luck with pampers brand and have faith that they’ll work for us this time, too.

I’ve created a list of my favorite baby items that you can stock up on during early pregnancy & before you know the sex of your baby. If you’re a repeat mom, you know how important it is to be prepared! If you’re a first time mom, congrats;you will be so glad you planned ahead and stocked up!

(I have used affiliate links below and may receive profit from any purchases made using links.)

  • Diapers. Of course diapers are the first thing I’d stock up on! For these, I prefer the Pampers swaddlers. They have a line that changes color when baby is wet and they hold so well! I’ve included a link to the big box, because that’s what we purchase. In the long run, the box saves money and lasts. I’d buy 3/4 boxes in any given size (except NB), to begin with.
  • Wipes! Wipes may be used more than diapers, honestly. You’ll use wipes for just about everything. Seriously. From cleaning bottoms, to cleaning faces and tiny, messy toddler hands! Again, we use pampers brand. We buy the box of refills, so that we can refill our at-home box and our travel case. This again, saves money in the long run and gives us peace of mind, knowing we have plenty on hand. I also prefer buying these sensitive ones. They have no scent, which can sometimes irritate baby skin and are thick enough to get the job done with one wipe!
  • Diaper rash cream. This item tends to be forgotten, until that late night diaper change, where baby’s bottom is red and you’re scrounging around hoping to atleast find some vaseline! This is my favorite! I use this at any sign of a rash to prevent things from progressing. They also make an ointment to treat, incase you had no time to prevent. Here it is. Get you a few tubes of each. It’s well worth it!
  • Baby Wash & Lotion. For both girls, I used Baby Magic. I’ll use it again, because I absolutely love the smell! It leaves your baby smelling like, well, a baby. I personally think it works better than Johnson & Johnson. The lotion is thick and creamy, leaving baby moisturized all day or night! My babies always get compliments on how good they smell! 😉 My personal is the calming baby scent. It’s for night time (lavender & chamomile), but I use it for every bath! The pack I linked to is a great deal for creating a Stock Pile, if you decide to use this brand!
  • Baby Laundry Detergent. There are a couple of baby brands, like dreft that are baby specific. We prefer the all brand, because we like the way it smells and it works better with our budget. It’s important to use a Detergent made for baby’s sensetive skin, because regular Detergent may be too harsh and cause a breakout or rash. We also use these bounce dryer sheets to soften up baby’s clothes. They’re unscented and we use them for our clothes, too, since we use a softener that goes in the wash.

Other things you may consider buying now, would be:

  • healthcare/grooming kit. These come with nail clippers, a thermometer, a nose bulb, combs &brushes and basic first aid essentials.
  • baby monitor. Sometimes these can be a big investment, so begin saving now if you want a fancy, high tech one! I’ve personally never had one, but we co-sleep, so we didn’t have the need.
  • diaper pail. We didn’t have one of these with Kimbrynn, but we are definitely getting one this time around! Those poopy diapers linger!!!

Start saving for baby furniture now (if you haven’t already), if you plan on buying the big items yourself. They tend to get pricey and you’ll want to be prepared to buy the one you really want.
Thanks for reading this long post, y’all! I enjoyed writing it. I reminded myself of all the things I can start ordering now! (Lol) Amazon prime, here I come! I’m a “forgetter”, so planning is a must for me! I hope this post inspired you guys to start planning now.

Stay tuned! It won’t be long before we find out what our little nugget will be!



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