Dinner Time…

Growing up, my family didn’t spend a lot of family time together. I’m 5 years older than my siblings. They played together and I stayed in my room watching tv or went with my friends. My step-dad was a farmer, so he worked morning-night. I spent a lot of time talking to my mom/bugging her, but dinner time was always the one time we all sat together and listened to each other’s stories. We talked about our day, our grades, our friends, our enemies  (lol) and enjoyed the delicious food my mom made.

I’ve done my best to have dinner atleast 4 nights a week with my little family, at the dinner table . We enjoy it. Karsynn raves about her favorite foods and isn’t shy about telling us what she doesn’t like. Derek enjoys his first plate and often gets seconds. Kimbrynn makes a huge mess with her food, getting just enough in her mouth to be satisfied.

It’s important to me, that our kids have this “tradition”. No matter what is going on in their lives, I want them to know that file dinner will always happen. It’s good to have this routine. I think it sorta creates stability. I’ve also read that kids who have family dinners atleast 4 times a week, are less likely to cause trouble or act out. Take that however you want. I choose to believe it, because it can’t hurt.

I enjoy cooking. I’m not great or even good at it, but I love creating new recipes and seeing how my family enjoys them or getting tips on how it could be better. They don’t hold back on letting me know. 

All in all, family dinners are important in our family, mostly for fellowship with each other. I encourage you to have family dinners atleast 3 times a week to begin with, if you don’t already. Order or make dinner and sit around the dining table together. Talk about your day, asks your kids about theirs and just let them talk to you about anything. It’ll be well worth it!
I was supposed to post this like 3 days ago! 🙈 Sorry guys! I’ve just been overwhelmed this week.

I plan on posting again tomorrow, so stay tuned! 😊



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