This year I’m thankful for…

It’s kinda cliche to state all the things you’re thankful and grateful for on one day of the year,but I don’t care. I am thankful every day of the year, for all the blessing in my life, but I want to tell y’all what I’m most thankful for today. We often forget to let people know that we are grateful for them and we don’t express how thankful we are for the little things, but today, on Thanksgiving, we can share our thanks with everyone.

This year has been full of blessings in the midst of hard times. This year hasn’t been the easiest…but we’re still here. We struggle, but we get by. We’ve made it to the next day, week, month…every month. I have so much to give thanks for this year.

I’m thankful most for…

  1. Kimbrynn celebrating one whole year of life. We made it successfully. She’s in perfect health and so perfect in every way!
  2. Karsynn successfully having ear tubes put in and her adenoids removed. She was only 5 years old and had never had to be in the hospital for anything, ever. (PRAISE GOD!). She had a successful surgery and is hearing perfectly (yay!)!
  3. Being blessed enough to afford the new, family vehicle that we needed. Being a one-income family, that is such a blessing!
  4. My husband’s job. The company has been slow a lot of times this year and could have resulted in him not having a job anymore (for a while atleast) but he is still very much employed and for that, I am so very thankful. God continues to provide work for him everyday. Pray works, y’all!
  5. Family. A lot of people don’t have family to depend on in hard times, but we do. I don’t take them for granted for one second. Our moms help us out so much. Whether it’s keeping the kids or paying for dinner,  they’re always there for what we need. We are very blessed to still have our grandmother’s around and in good health, too.
  6. My health. I had a scare earlier this year, with what could have potentially ended up as cancer. I was so scared, but God is amazing. Here I am, healthy and thriving, celebrating the holidays with my loving family.
  7. Our pregnancy. This is the third, natural pregnancy I have been able to have. I know that so many women struggle with infertility and I’m thankful to be able to have a healthy pregnancy. I am so thankful to be helping God create this beautiful little life.
  8. Being able to be a stay at home mom. I never knew I’d love it this much. I love being able to spend every minute of every day with Kimbrynn and never having to miss a school event for Karsynn. I’m thankful that we’re financially able for me to do this.
  9. MY HUSBAND. He’ll never know how grateful I am for the man he is. He’s everything I ever prayed for in life. He’s an amazing human being. I’m thankful for his patience. I’m thankful for his work ethic. He would do anything for his family. He never complains about anything. He sacrifices a lot and doesn’t bat an eye. I am completely and utterly amazed by this man, daily. I have such gratitude for his sole presence in my life. I’m thankful that he chooses me, everyday, as his wife.

Of course I am thankful for so much more, y’all! I just wanted to post a little gratitude of our past year. I’m thankful for all of you guys, too! Thanks for reading! Tell me in the comments below, what you all are most thankful for! 😊



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