Merry Christmas…or Happy Holidays?

Around the time I got to high school was when I found out that many people took offense to the saying “Merry Christmas”. I learned that the more appropriate phrase was “Happy Holidays”. I understood why, yet for some reason, it still made me uncomfortable. I suppose it was for the same reason I didn’t like saying “Xmas”, but didn’t know that yet.

Saying “Happy Holidays!” never quite made sense to me; because no matter what you celebrate, you only celebrate that one holiday, right? (Correct me if I’m wrong here.) I appreciate other cultures and find it fascinating that we, as human beings, all celebrate giving differently and for different reasons.

While you probably already caught on to this, my saying of choice is “Merry Christmas”. I don’t choose this or say it out of disrespect, but in respect to my beliefs. I believe that saying “Merry Christmas” let’s people know what and why I celebrate this time of year. In saying it, I feel like I’m “spreading the word”, in a sense. I also, like I stated before, don’t shorten Christmas to Xmas simply because CHRIST is the reason for the season for me and my family.

While some people give no second thought to this topic, others really take it to heart. I, for one, don’t mind being told “Happy Holidays”. I believe in spreading joy and happiness as much as I believe in my faith. So, at the end of the joy, the saying is just that, a saying. It doesn’t define you, or me or what either of us believes in.

Whatever you choose, the point is to spread joy! So, forget the politics, but not what you believe in and spread some cheer this year!

[PICTURE: pinterest.com]




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