New Year’s Resolutions…

Woop-Woop! Another year has come and gone, Y’all! We made it! We lived through 2016 and are here to begin, what we all hope to be an AMAZING 2017! Happy New Year, btw!

Now that we’re here, in the new year, with new beginnings…it’s time to think about those “new beginnings”. Some of you probably already wrote down your big resolutions for the year or have had certain goals set for some time now. Others like me, are probably just now thinking, “Wow. What now? What will my new year’s resolutions be?”, and that’s okay! Honestly, I’ve never even made resolutions. I’ve always just had a few things in mind that I’d like to accomplish or be better at throughout the year.

This year is no different. I don’t have big weight loss plans (ha, just wait until I deliver this baby πŸ˜‚) and I don’t have big vacation plans or career goals. I have 3 things that I’d like to be better at and I’m not really putting too much pressure on myself about them. I know these things are achievable. I also know that things take time and that adjusting to things takes patience…both of which I’m a little scarce on. (Ha-ha).

The first thing on my list is to be more organized. I don’t have a set, daily routine and I’d like to establish one. Being a SAHM let’s me be very flexible, but with another little on the way, I’m starting to think I need a little more structure to our days. I’m not a messy person or a slop, but I hate cleaning. I aim to set a cleaning schedule. I’m a little OCD, so I feel that if I write down what and when I need to do things, I’ll have to do them, just to check them off my list! 

My second thing is to stick to our budget. I did so good with this at the beginning of last year. We did an envelope system and it worked for us. We paid bills, saved money and even still got to spend a little. However, things got a little rocky mid-year and when I should have really clung to the budget system, I failed and just started winging it. I’d really like to push myself back to doing this and getting our personal and emergency savings back on track. I hope to pay off one of our vehicles this year.
My third thing is to be more overall positive. I find myself being snarky more often than not. I don’t mean to be. It’s just a very bad habit I have. It’s not fun being a negative Nancy! I don’t like it and neither does anyone else. My husband is always such a positive, vibrant person and that’s who I want to be more like this year. 

I only do social media in the form of instagram, but I still think that has a lot to do with the way I think. Social media can be such a drag. I don’t know how people do them all. I’m thinking about taking a break from insta; maybe a month-long hiatus? We’ll see. Since we don’t do facebook, it’s the only way for family and friends to “keep up” with us. I do think that unplugging is very healthy though.
I really plan to incorporate each of my little “steps towards greatness” a little into each day, week and month. Slowly but surely. You can’t rush perfection! 😜 I kid, I kid. I don’t want to be perfect, just perfect enough for me and my little family of soon-to-be 5!
Whatever your resolutions or goals may be, I wish you all the patience, strength and guidance! Give yourself time and your goals your best effort. 2017, just like every other year, will be a good one. You’ll have bad days, yes, but it’s up to you not to turn those bad days into bad weeks or months. Be your own hero, girl (or guy)!
Blessings, Health & Wealth in all aspects of your lives to you and yours, from me and mine!
Cheers to 2017! 🍾



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