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What I’m looking forward to most about having a newborn…again…

With our due date less than 100 days away, I can’t help but be anxious! We still have so much to do, yet I want her here already. Some days I feel like she’s going to pop out of me! I am feeling it this pregnancy…but for the most part, I am enjoying still being pregnant. Even though it’s my third time around, it’d still so amazing and magical to me, what a women’s body is capable of.

I’ve been thinking about giving birth a lot lately. I had both Karsynn and Kimbrynn naturally. I didn’t really think about with Karsynn because I didn’t know what to expect or if it was actually happening and with Kimbrynn, I knew what to expect but had no time to think about anything because she came so quickly. I’m a little nervous and kinda scared when I think about it this time, for some reason. I know it’ll be fine, but I’m still anxious. Will she come quickly or will I be in labor forever?

One way or another, she’s going to come. I’m going to give birth to a tiny bundle, who then gets to come home with us…then what? We’ll have another baby. A tiny newborn, a 2 year old and a 6.5 year old. Life’s definitely going to take some adjusting and attention will have to be shared accordingly. With all the things that are going to be changing, I’m trying to think about all the things I’ve missed about having a newborn and the joyful changes she’ll bring.

I’ve made a list of a few things I am looking forward to…

  • That new baby smell. Why does that smell have to go away? It’s so calming and heart warming.
  • Baby snuggles. Toddlers don’t fall asleep on your chest and nap there peacefully. (Well, yours may…but mine, not so much. There’s kicks to the tummy and hands to the face! 🙄😂)
  • Nursing. Some people think it’s weird…I say they’re weird. Haha. I nursed Karsynn for 2+ years and Kimbrynn for 18 months (I had to stop bc of the nausea meds for this pregnancy). I love the bond that it gives me with my babies. I feel a little guilty that Derek doesn’t get to experience feeding them, but he’s okay with it because they’re getting the best stuff!
  • Baby coos and that newborn cry. There’s something about a newborn baby’s cry that just isn’t frustrating. Ya know…the opposite of toddler screams. And, those sweet little cooing sounds that they make, when they have no idea about anything, they’re just happily “talking” away.
  • Tiny baby socks and the feet in them. I always thought people were weird for wanting to see the new baby’s feet…but I mean! The little piggies are just so sweet and the little bitty socks that keep them warm and always seem to go missing…ahhh. Wait…I just remembered how much laundry a newborn can have! 😣 Just add it to the never ending pile.
  • The little blankets. I’m trying out the muslin blankets this time around and they are so light and soft. I can’t wait to wrap up baby Kelynn in that taco swaddle!
  • All the love and attention she’ll get. We hardly get visitors or calls/texts, but when she gets here, I know friends and family will want to come over and text/call to ask about her. I love it. I love being surrounded my loved ones and seeing them love on our little ones.
  • Mother’s Day. Kelynn will be born just in time for mother’s day. She may even only be a week or two old at the time, but I look forward to having her alongside her sisters. Oh, my heart. ğŸŽ€ğŸ’–

I never thought my heart could be fuller, but I can’t wait for it to instantly expand and fill again when our baby girl is born. We love her so much already and even though being parents of 3 girls will bring its challenges, I’ve learned that the joy they bring far outweighs all the other stuff.

Are you expecting a new baby? What are you looking forward to most or what was your favorite part of your babies being newborns? Let me know! Also, tips of how to make life a little easier with 2 under 2?

Have a great week, guys!




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