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She’ll always need me, too…

Often times I forget that she’s still little. She’s so independent and smart. I hardly have time to keep up with all the new things she’s learning and doing.

She’s a big sister, soon to be big sister of two. I forget she’s not “that” big. I expect more from her than I should, because she proves to be able to handle more than most. She’s wise beyond her years, yet still so innocent and clueless. She’s still little.

She grabs her binder after school and already knows exactly what she needs to do and does it all. She can already read…all by herself. She crosses the street to ride her bike on the sidewalk, by herself (with us watching from a distance of course). She has a morning routine and does most of it without having to be reminded. She doesn’t need us to tie her shoes or help brush her teeth (although her dentist might beg to differ 😂).

She can make Mac n’ cheese singles in the microwave. She can pour herself a glass of tea. She can ride her scooter a block and a half to practice (no parents allowed) with us watching from said block and a half away. She can do it all. She’s 6 1/2 years old. She’s super girl. She knows it all.

She grabs her own drink from the fountain machine at restaurants, where she can reach. She doesn’t need me to be with her when she goes to the play area at chikfila…or to take her toy & trade it for an ice cream. She’s big enough to do all of these things…but she’s still little.

She still gets cranky when she’s tired. She still throws fits when she’s upset. She still wants help with certain things, even if she doesn’t need the help. I still tie her shoes better and enjoy making her after school snacks. She still needs me. She’s only 6 1/2. She’s a very independent, big sister…but she’ll always be my baby and she’ll always need me.

Tomorrow she won’t need me to pick out her clothes anymore or brush her hair, but she’ll need me for something else. She’s getting bigger everyday, but she’ll never be too big. She may not always want our help and one day she may completely not need us at all, but for now she does. And we’ll always be just a “mom?” or “dad?” away.

It’s easy to forget that she still needs us, too. It’s easy to tell her she’s a big girl and she can do it on her own. What’s not easy? Realizing just how much she can do on her own.

It’s hard being a mom to 2 kids so far apart in age (5 years). One needs you for everything and the other is big enough to do a lot on their own, yet not everything. It’s hard managing your time and patience…but it’s even harder for them, momma. You know how to balance everything and they’re just learning what it’s like to share your time. Be kind. Remember that they’re still little, too. Remind yourself that that big kid is your baby, too.
Go easy. On yourself and on your big kid. I needed to stop and remind myself that the big kid who “shouldn’t be throwing fits”, is still little. She needs me, too. While there’s no excuse for your big kid to pitch a huge tantrum…stop to think that maybe s/he just needs you?

Do you have kiddos far apart in age? How do you manage your time & patience when they both need you? How do you handle the age difference/different wants & needs? Share your tips in the comments below!
Thanks so much for being here!



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