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The third & final trimester has officially begun…

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While I stay confused on how many weeks = how many months…numerous charts tell me that 27 weeks marks 7 months. And, 7 months in turn, equals the beginning of the third trimester. I know, too much for my pregnancy brain to handle, too. Nevertheless, I am in this third trimester and did NOT need any charts to let me know.


HOW? HOW do our bodies know that the second (glorious) trimester is over and it’s time to turn against us again?! My body knew last week. (I’m still thinking that just maybe that glucose test and “horrible” drink had something to do with all this.) Heartburn has returned in full effect and my trips to the potty are described as more than frequent…when I make it to the potty…πŸ™ˆ.

The lower part of my body has given up all efforts to do its job. Everything pops and aches when I move even slightly. My bladder has lost all control and assumes if i’m sneezing, coughing or barfing, SURELY I’m sitting on a toilet. I mean, why would I do any of those things otherwise? πŸ™„ My husband told me today, “you’ve been going through underwear a lot lately.” Part of me wanted to kick him in the shin, but I can’t move and probably would have ended up peeing on myself…the other part of me wanted to laugh, which also would have resulted in yet another change of undergarments. #THESTRUGGLEISREAL


I’ve returned to “pregnancy insomnia”. I’m so tired during the day and have a nap after dinner…which results in me staying wide awake all night and beginning the process all over again. I lay in bed, flopping around like an injured sea lion (I imagine). I have a fort of pillows around me, which are little to no help at all. When I finally get a little sleepy, the alarm goes off for Derek to go to work, which means I need to stay up because I’ve soon got to get up and get our kindergartener up & ready for school.

How can water give you heartburn? How does the tiniest sip of water make you “burpy” all night? I truly don’t understand. And why, why, WHY do I suddenly need to barf up the food that went down so well and was as delicious as can be? My second trimester happened at the perfect time. While it wasn’t complete bliss, I could see the light! I was able to enjoy the holidays with very little consequences. Thank you, oh thank you Jesus!


BUT…while I have plenty to “complain” about, I also have so much that I’m grateful for. I’m so grateful to still be pregnant. I’m grateful I haven’t gone into preterm labor or had any complications. I’m grateful that I do not have gestational diabetes, too much discomfort or had to make any trips to L&D. I’m also thankful for the sweet baby kicks that remind me that my body is doing a work of wonder. It’s clichΓ©, but it reminds me that all the yucky and inconvenient stuff is worth it. Soon I’ll be “back to normal”, with the added bonus of having a sweet, little, newborn baby girl πŸŽ€.

Pregnancy is amazing. It’s gross at times and causes discomfort, but it’s so amazing. That a woman can grow another human being inside of her, from almost nothing…is breathtaking. In my third trimester, in my third pregnancy, I am still amazed by this miracle that God created me to be able to do…to help him create life. An actual being, who will contribute to the world, is growing inside of me. Think about that.


I know the next 13-ish weeks will fly by. I’m going to soak it all up. Nesting should kick in soon, right? We’ve got a room to get ready…for our toddler, so she’s out of our room and the baby can move in. πŸ˜‰ I’ve got lots of baby clothes and blankies and burp cloths to wash. We’ve lots to do and May will be here before we know it! 

How’s your pregnancy going so far? Are you one of those that can eat anything she wants? Did you never get sick a day or are you like me and plagued with morning sickness from beginning to end? I love hearing other momma’s experiences! Tell me all about yours! 

Happy February!





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