What I’m packing in my Hospital bags:

Hey guys! So, as some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been active here lately. I just haven’t had the energy to sit and write. I know, it takes so much! Lol. But seriously, these days, i’d just rather be napping. I’m 34 weeks pregnant, as of yesterday. How will I ever make it six more weeks?!

[Me, pregnant at 33 weeks & 4 days. Excuse the mirror and selfie.  It was 5 a.m.]

Not super surprisingly, this pregnancy has gone very smoothly. My other two were just as smooth and as normal as could be…besides that HORRIBLE, ALL-DAY, EVERY DAY MORNING SICKNESS! I’ve had it “easy with this one, being put on diclegis. It has helped me so much! Although, keeping down food equals weight gain, which I’m not familiar with and has scared me a little. However, I know it’s just weight and will eventually come back off, just as it was put on.

Anywho! Back to what got me to write this post. As we’re getting closer to May, I still have quite a bit to do! I have everything packed for the baby in her diaper bag (not much, as the hospital provides most of what we’ll need) but I still haven’t packed my “go-bag”! With our last baby, I had it all packed and ready to go by 36 weeks, I believe. We didn’t take it with us, but had a friend kind enough to bring it to us the next morning. It felt so good knowing I was prepared & all they had to do was grab the bags.

With Karsynn, I didn’t really pack much. I had some clothes to go home in, a couple outfits for her and I brought my own pillow and blanket. The big “hospital bag checklists” weren’t a huge thing back in 2010. With Kimbrynn, our second, I had a little more packed. I had Derek’s clothes to sleep and go home in, my going home clothes, toiletries ( forgot to pack toothbrushes!🙄), change for vending machine, all the essentials. This time, I’m taking what I know we’ll use for the time we’re there (probably just a 24 hr stay) and a few extras I thought I might like having.

So, here’s my lists!

For baby Kelynn:

  • A NB sleeper
  • A going home outfit
  • Two pair of socks
  • 2 pair of baby hand mittens
  • 2 outfits (1 for going home & one in case that one gets pooped or spit up on).
  • 2 burp cloths
  • 2 bibs
  • 1 aden + anais swaddle blanket
  • My nursing cover (keeping this in the diaper bag.)
  • A pair of baby nail clippers. My kids come out with claws, so im taking these just in case. Daddy may just bite them off, like he did with Kimbrynn. 😂
  • Her car seat

    [Via: My personal instagram: @onelittlemarriedmomma]

    I will not be packing diapers and wipes, because the hospital provides these while we are there and even some to take home. We will also be stopping on the way home, to buy diapers, after seeing how big she is/what size she’ll be needing. 

    For me:

    • 2 sleep nursing bras (not bothering with my regular, wire ones, as I’m sure I’ll be super sensitive the first few days.)
    • Disposable nursing pads (the leakage is real!)
    • 2 pair of big, dark colored underwear. (I usually use the mesh ones the hospital give you, but just to be safe I’m taking these. Dark color in case they get “ruined”
    • Nursing tanks (2) and a cover up for when visitors come.
    • A pair of comfy socks.
    • Going home outfit. (Probably a t-shirt dress, as it will be hot in Texas, come May. I’m bringing yoga pants and a loose t-shirt/nursing tank just in case though. I may not feel like the dress keeps everything in.) I’ll also take sandals or slip on shoes.
    • Cheap flip flops for the shower. (These are a must! Those showers can be full of yuck from the previous post partum momma! 😷)
    • Toiletries. (Travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, loofah, toothbrush, tooth paste, mouthwash-[I found a travel kit with all 3.],chapstick, deoderant for me and Derek, lotion, dry shampoo, my makeup bag with foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and blush, & maybe a lip gloss.) Hair brush, hair ties and Bobby pins.
    • Cell phone charger.
    • Cash for vending machine. (I get super hungry after birth and while nursing, so this is a must! Hubby can go down the hall and grab some snacks in the middle of the night with no hassle!)
    • Soft blanket & pillow from home. (If they fit in my small suitcase.) These aren’t a must for me, but they’d be nice to have. Also, if I don’t bring my boppy pillow, a pillow from home would be great for propping up baby for feedings. Those hospital pillows are so flat and stiff!
    • Stool softeners and tucks pads. You never know! And we’ll leave it at that. 😉

    I know this is a lot, or may seem like a lot, but I’ll be happy I have all of this with me and I’m not having people run to get things for me. These are just the basics and I’m packing for a 2 day stay, just in case. I didn’t put insurance cards, id’s and all that, but I’ll have all that with me anyhow and my Hospital registers me with L&D, so no need for that. I use the hospital pads and will be stopping after we leave the hospital to get some for home. Otherwise, I’d suggest taking some overnight style pads. The hospital ones are bulky, but I feel that they are my safest bet so soon after delivery. Just remember to plan ahead. You don’t need all the “extras”. Bring whatever will make you feel more at ease, if you want, but I think this is a good list to start with.

    For my sweet husband:

    • Comfy clothes to sleep in (athletic shorts and a tshirt).
    • 2 pair of socks and underwear
    • Going home clothes (I’ll pack him casual wear, shorts and a t-shirt.)
    • His Sanuks for around the hospital.

    We will share the toiletries and phone charger. He’s pretty low maintenance, so he doesn’t need much, just a change of clothes and things to take a shower. Last go-’round, we just wanted to sleep and spend time with our new baby. He has Netflix and ESPN on his phone if need be. I just throw his stuff in a small suitcase with mine, because it’s the last thing on his mind and it’s not and lot, just what he’ll need.
    I hope my lists have helped a momma trying to figure out what to pack for her upcoming hospital stay. It can be so overwhelming, with all the pinterest lists out there all and people telling you that you’ll need this or that or won’t need this or that. If this is your first and you’re delivering vaginally, pack enough for a two-day stay (that’s the general average). If you’re a first time mom and delivering via csection, prepare for a 4 days stay (of course it varies from mom to mom, but generally 3/4 days is standsrd.) If you’re a “been there, done that” momma…well, you know more than I do how long you’ll stay, so just pack accordingly. Just being prepared can give you a sense of calm, knowing you’re a little prepared.

    This time around, we’re installing the carseat and base in our vehicle and putting our bags in the trunk at around 36 weeks. This is just so we have everything with us  wherever we may be when I do go into labor or so we don’t have to load it all up in the middle of the night. Unless you’re having an induction or scheduled c section, you never know when the time will come! It’s best to be prepared, instead of rushing around last minute. Give yourself a little break and peace of mind, momma!
    Thank you all so much for following and reading! Stick around, because baby will be here soon! 😊



    2 thoughts on “What I’m packing in my Hospital bags:

      1. Thank you for reading them! 🤗 I always get excited when someone I know says that they actually read my posts! Lol. Oh girl, I feel you! Those pinterest lists are ridiculous! I’ve seen some where people take like 5 different bags! It’s better to over pack than under pack though! Haha. I just do not want to have to get all that stuff off the car and have it sitting around. Lol Luckily, mine and Derek’s stuff all fits into a small suitcase!


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