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Things no one tells you about After giving birth..(not for the faint hearted.)

As I near this impending induction, I can’t help but think if I’m prepared for the “after”. I definitely was NOT with Karsynn (first) and had to make a target stop on the way home after Kimbrynn (second). Of course we’re prepared for baby…but for mom?! Why doesn’t anyone ever tell you, “Okay…Here’s what you’ll need post partum (after delivery) for yourself.”?

After having Karsynn, I was SO clueless! First of all, I was young, so I had absolutely no idea about anything, but I feel like no first time mom does, no matter her age. I didn’t know your body did certain things and no one ever talked to me about it. My friends who’d just had babies said nothing about all the changes that were still happening after giving birth. My nurses and Dr didn’t warn me. I get it, people (not drs/nurses) don’t want to talk about their “after birth” situations…but it’d be nice to know a little something from someone….ANYONE! I guess one could go out and buy a book or something, but who does that anymore?!

Anyways…I thought up a list of things that no one warned me about and things you’ll most likely need to cope…errr….atleast deal with your PP body.

  • No one told me that there’d be blood. There is. Your uterus didn’t get to do its “job” for nine months…so you will feel that wrath all in a month – 6 weeks. Buy pads. Buy a giant pack of overnight style, jumbo pads. You. WILL. NEED. THEM.
  • Constipation. For some reason (hormones), you get super constipated (If you don’t, you are a magical unicorn! All hail!) Buy some stool softeners to have on hand. Spare yourself the pain…and hemmeroids.
  • Ahhh, hemmeroids. You may get them from giving birth, you may not. I have experienced both. Tucks pads will be your best friend, along with Preparation H or hemmeroidal suppositories if you choose. I suggest all 3 😂 but, I had a long, bad experience with them and wanted all the relief! Haha
  • Disposable nursing pads. Whether you decide to breastfeed or not, chances are…your ladies will leak! Spare yourself the embarrassment…and extra laundry and pick yourself up a box of these things! They saved my life in the first couple of months (I breastfeed, so you may not need them that long, if you choose not to.). Also, some type of nipple cream would be excellent to have on hand, if you do choose to nurse. Your nips will chap something fierce!
  • Extra strength tylenol. You’ll be in some pain or at the very least have some discomfort. My Hospital sends me home with 800mg ibuprofen, but I’m so sensetive to meds, it would knock me out, leaving me groggy and unable to properly care for my baby. Your hospital may send you home with some pain meds, but incase you can’t handle that much strength, it’s nice to have other options.
  • With all the hormones releasing, I would wake up in night sweats. I would wake up and drink a giant glass…or two of water. I was so thirsty…ALL. THE. TIME. Invest in a fan and a good (big) water bottle (especially if you decide to breastfeed). Hydration will remain a key part of your recovery!
  • Last, but definitely not least (and possibly not actually the last thing, but last for now)…TAKE IT EASY, MOMMA! Everyone knows you are super mom now, but give yourself a break. Allow yourself to recover, heal and rest. Give your body time. Allow people to help you. Don’t try to “do it all”. You’ll drain yourself…and probably resent it or send yourself into ppd. Enjoy your baby and let someone else clean the kitchen. I’m not saying let the house go completely or any of that craziness…but let yourself nap when baby naps. Don’t try to sweep and mop your entire house as soon as you get a minute. Take a hot shower, put your feet up and for atleast 2 weeks, get to know your new baby and new mom self. The dishes, laundry, grocery list, etc. will all still be there. And, I promise, if you have a good support system, these things won’t even pile up or be of a second thought to you!

Did I miss anything? I’m sure I did. I have permanent mom brain, so it’s bound to happen. Anything else you can think of that’s a “big one”? Is there something you’d like me to post or share my thoughts on? Let me know! 😊
As always, thank you so much for coming over and reading my rants and raves!

Have a great weekend!



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