If you weren’t my husband, I’d still want to know you.

Everyday, he’s up before the sun. He goes to work and never complains. That’s who he is. He’s not a complainer or a person who sees the bad in anyone or anything. Gosh, I wish I was more like him in every way.

I’ve never met anyone who’s ever had a bad thing to say about him. He lights up a room & my whole world. He’s *literally* the best person I’ve ever known…and he’s mine, until death do us part.

Growing up, I didn’t have any examples of what a good man was or should be. I didn’t know anyone who was a great father or a good husband. I thought men were just supposed to provide for their families because, responsibilities, duh. I didn’t know a dad could make his kids so happy or that a family could be so full of love and joy…until I met him.

He goes to work each day, sometimes everyday, picking up side jobs just so we can have it all. He coaches little league and attends every school program. He’s heavily involved in the development of all THREE of our daughters and still has time to listen to his wife’s ridiculous rants and raves. He’s such a team player and I love that about him.

I couldn’t have dreamed up a better example of a man for our girls to have.

No, he’s not perfect. We frustrate each other. He doesn’t buy me expensive hand bags or send me flowers. He constantly picks on me and doesn’t talk about what’s on his mind. He looks past me to watch the game on tv behind me, WHILE I’m talking to him.


He’s perfect for us, for me and the 3 little girls who call him daddy. I don’t like flowers because they die and I don’t need gifts to know he cares. He’s so smart about things I know nothing about and if he didn’t pick on me, I’d think he was sick. I love that he watches sports and is a die-hard fan. He taught me about football and that’s how we spend our weekends in the fall.

I’ve met lots of people in my short 23 years, but I’ve never met anyone like him. I could never explain just how important he is to me or what an impact he’s had on my life in general, but I hope he knows. I hope he feels it.

Derek, you’re the best person I know and if you weren’t my husband, if I’d never met you… I’d still want to know you.

This life is v Good! ❤




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